Xona Rotor Turbos

Relentless Innovation

We're never satisfied. Xona Rotor was born out of a passion for continually raising the bar of performance turbochargers. From pioneering billet compressor wheels, lightweight stainless steel bearing housings and the groundbreaking UHF turbine wheel, Xona Rotor leads where others follow. Let our decades of motorsport turbocharger experience take you across the finish line first.

Engineered to Outperform

Xona Rotor turbochargers are engineered, manufactured and assembled in the USA. This is more than mere pride. By controlling every aspect of what goes into our turbochargers, we hold tighter tolerances, include premium materials and develop advanced manufacturing techniques. The result? Peerless turbochargers.

Exceptional Performance

Xona Rotor's proprietary wheel designs extend your engine's performance envelope. They underpin our turbochargers' reputation for outstanding boost response and industry-leading power.

No-Compromise Metallurgy

If it can be done better, we do it. Maximum performance and enhanced durability are not mutually exclusive. With high-nickel stainless steel turbine housings, 17-4PH stainless center housings, silicon nitride ball bearings and nickel-based fasteners, Xona Rotor turbochargers thrive in brutal conditions.

Power Range

Xona Rotor has a turbo to suit a wide range of power levels. From the ultimate in small-engine response to the punishing conditions of max-power drag racing, we have the right turbo for your project.

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