Solid Bucket (Lifter) DLC Coated - All Sizes

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DLC coated buckets are critical for billet camshaft engines where the cam hardness exceeds the hardness of the OEM lifter bucket.

Pricing is for DLC coating application only. NEW OEM buckets must be purchased or provided. 

This includes evaluation for surface quality, flatness, hardness, and then DLC coating.

These DLC (Diamond-like carbon coating) lifter buckets are engineered with a 3 surface finish. 


Before DLC Coated Buckets

Uncoated buckets with billet camshafts can create destructive gulling issues creating "scuffing" on the cam lobe quickly.   This is an example of a cam failure we've seen without coated buckets.

After DLC Coated Buckets

After DLC coating the lifter bucket we can see that cam wear is now very acceptable and over time will actually polish the surface to a glassy smooth appearance.