Exigent Solutions - Evo X Plug and Play Emtron Ecu Kit

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⚡ Plug and Play Emtron Ecu Kit for Evo X ⚡

It's no secret that we love the Emtron World ECUs. This has led us to develop a more affordable plug and play ECU package for the Evo X based around their SL Series of ECU.

This kit includes:
🟢 Emtron SL6 ECU (option for SL8 if you plan to run 8 injectors)
🟢 Emtron ELC1 Lambda Controller
🟢 Exigent Plug and play harness
🟢 Bosch 4.9 Sensor

This kit is also easy to install ! Takes about 15-30m depending on skill to go from stock ECU to standalone. ZERO wiring skills needed.

Some key features include:
✅ It's not a stock ECU 😀
✅ Advanced fuel models available, Throttle mass flow ect. Not just speed density.
✅ Torque based ECU functions available for power Management / traction control.
✅ Onboard data logging.
✅ Full time closed loop Lambda control.
✅ Motorsport Functions (Launch control, Traction Control, Rolling Antilag, Etc)
✅ Full can bus integration no extra boxes required.
✅ Base maps available we just need injector data.

Designed and tested in house, this is meant to bring more advanced capabilities and control strategies to Evo X owners who are at the point where they should seriously be moving to a standalone ECU (Almost all of you). This plug and play kit can also be expanded to grow as your build grow with optional sensor packs and also the capability to run 8 injectors with a simple plug in expansion harness!