Evolution X - ESR Stage 3 Cylinder Head (4B11T)

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  The last step before going to a full race setup, our stage 3 package sets you up with Kelford 214C Camshafts, higher strength springs, inconel exhaust valves, and port and polish work. Best suited for higher horsepower builds in the 750-950 range. 

Parts Included:
-Kelford 214C Camshafts
-Kelford springs (KVS-11BT)
-Exigent Racing Spec Intake Valves .5 over
-Exigent Racing Spec Inconel Exhaust Valves .5 over
-New OEM Valve Seals

4 Cyl Cylinder Head Machine Work:
-CNC Mill Deck Surface
-Performance 3 Angle Valve Job
-Set Stem Heights
-Pocket port work included

This price assumes you have a good core head to send us. If you do not please contact us directly about purchasing a new or used core.