Callies Compstar Billet 4B11 Crank 86mm (Std stroke)

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We noticed a hole in the market for 4B11 cranks. There are many stroker options but none standard size stroke. After teaming up with Callies we exclusively bring you an 86mm standard stroke billet crank. The same strength and reliability you know from other Callies products but without the need for different rod and piston combos.


  • Better bearing oiling over stock
  • Average weight 32 lbs for billet crank
  • 8 counterweight design
  • 4340 steel certified by Callies in house Metallurgical lab
  • Ultra-Case nitriding performed and certified by Callies
  • Rod and main journal surface finish refined to 4Ra or less
  • All journals ground with strength enhancing Tru-Form radii