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Looking for a true racing plug for your Evo X ? Look no further than Brisk USA.

We offer two part numbers for the Evo X. The only difference is heat range. We recommend the QR10S for bolt on cars with stock frame turbos that also may run flex tunes. This is 1 step colder than the stock heat range.

The QR08S we offer as an ethanol only high horsepower build plug. This is 2 steps colder than the stock heat range. 

The NGK plug that comes factory is very prone to breaking under the high stress of a modified engine. The design of the NGK is such that a large amount of porcelain is exposed in the combustion chamber. In the event of knock or regular high cylinder pressure, you are rolling the dice on having a failure of the plug. This can and will cause serious cylider-head damage. We have seen this first hand !

The Brisk plug has zero porcelain exposed solving this issue. Also its a true racing plug with a silver conductor. NOT an OEM replacement.

Learn more here at Brisk USA !

Check out the photos for a comparison of the plugs.


Price is per set of 4.