Radium Engineering Mazdaspeed 3/6

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*20-0327-01 PCV Baffle Plate, EcoBoost, OEM Configuration* The OEM configuration kit includes all parts necessary for a plug and play installation and can be used with the OEM PCV tubing or with aftermarket Radium catch cans. Because the OEM Ford PCV valve leaks at all boost levels, this kit includes Radium's own 10AN ORB PCV Valve which prevents boost from leaking into the crankcase. No permanent vehicle modifications are required. Exact contents of 20-0327-01 are shown in the picture below.


* Billet Aluminum PCV Plate with Baffles

* Aluminum 10AN ORB PCV Valve

* Aluminum 10AN ORB Plug

* Rubber 3/8" PCV Hose

* EFI and Spring Hose Clamps