Evolution X - Non Sleeved Exigent Spec Long Block

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Hole in your block, low compression got you down.  We have the quick Solution for you, introducing our ready to drop in Exigent Solutions spec non sleeved long block locked and ready to rock! What we start with is a brand new OEM Mitsubishi Long block and include the following upgrades.


  • Exigent Custom Spec Pistons from Traum 9:1 Compression  
  • Forged Rods from proven vendors "Molnar/Saenz/Callies"
  • ACL/King bearings "rods/main"
  • ARP 2000 Main Studs
  • ARP 2000 Head Studs
  • Rebalanced New OEM Crank
  • Stage 2 Cams "Kelford 214-B/GSC S2"
  • GSC 5042 Springs 
  • Upgraded stainless steel standard sized valves "Supertech/GSC"
  • New Brisk spark plugs
  • 1 Case of ce-pe-co racing Oil (12qts)