2.5 Stroker Block

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Ever wanted some more Torque out of your mazdaspeed platform?  Do we have the options for you with utilizing a 2.5 block we are able to pump up those torque numbers to give you more bite off the line and get you to your destination just that much quicker!


2.5 block tapped with 10AN for oil return

Balance Shaft Delete

Oil filter adapter 

2.3 oil pan

2.3 oil pick up

Cleaned honed and reassembled to OEM specifications and ready for your 2.3 head to get back on the road again

If you want us to do the full assembly we have an option for that all we would need is your 2.3 cylinder head and would go through the same processes as our blocks in regards to cleaning as well as inspection of the cylinder head.

If stock isn't your cup of tea pump up those numbers with a ES piston/rod combo to give you a little bit more piece of mind same combo as used by Anthony's ES built mazdaspeed 6