Darton MID Sleeve - install service

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This service includes the following:

  • Darton MID sleeves for selected application.
  • New ARP main stud kit for selected application.
  • Line hone of Mains.
  • Sleeve install and machine work.
  • CNC Mill deck surface.
  • CNC bore cylinders to size.
  • Torque plate cylinder hone to piston size / spec. 



The Darton MID™ Sleeve Kit is available for many series of 4, 6, and 8 cylinder import and domestic engines and provides for maximum bore sizes and boost potential. The benefits of our MID™ series kits are:

  • Cast iron performance in an aluminum block
  • Improved block integral strength
  • Improved cooling
  • Kits can be installed by your local machine shop
  • “Wet sleeve” replaceability
  • Full installation manual available on website
  • Increased horsepower output potential
  • High boost and horsepower potential
  • Superior oil and compression control
  • Superior cylinder sealing and ring wear
  • Street or strip application
  • Bulletproof Darton ductile iron
  • 130,000-psi tensile strength